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Moments that make me cry.

CSI Crime Scene Investigation, Fannysmakin, ‘That Sidle Sense’

This scene show cases the fantastic skill set of both Eric Szmanda and Jorja Fox.  I was adamant that I wouldn’t cry in this episode, at the time I was a Sandle fan but I was converted to GSR at the end of the series, because I knew that Greg would get hurt and that I was going to be watching it with my brother. But me being the emotionally weak just started being a teenager, I cried.

Anyway back to the skills of Fox and Szmanda. Sara to me has always been the most emotionally driven member. She has also grown quite close to Greg after being his mentor and crush for some time. So I knew to expect something emotive from her reaction to seeing Greg this way. Her repeated action of looking away from Greg, not only to look at what he was talking about but also, to contain her emotions. Her hand stroking his hair, hesitantly at first, is the only way for her to comfort him in his time of pain. And when her expression turns to discuss when he tells her about the man who ‘spat on me’ just set me off.

And then there’s Szmanda. I’ve always had a soft spot for Greg. I was distressed to find out what was going to happen to him in this episode but yet I couldn’t wait to see how it played out. The beating was harsh and I was sat at the edge of my seat, still trying not to yell at the TV (my brother was in the room!), when he was pulled out from the window. His dialogue is delivered with so much pain and brokenness that I couldn’t help but sniffle. And then there’s the way he looks, blooded and bruised on the ground secluded on his own, from a distance he looks prepared for a ceremony.

There is so much more I want to say about this episode but I think I’ve already said enough.

Wow that was long, sorry.

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